STC Shower, Basin, Sink Cleaner & Lime Remover


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This is a great product for use to revive your sinks toilets shower cubicles and stainless steel sinks. Apply generously and spread over the surface. Let it dwell for 10 minutes and wash off. Use in conjunction with gloves and green scoured (if surface is safe) allow airflow as it has a strong odour. Bactericidal toilet and washroom cleaner.

STC is used neat for descaling toilets and urinals or as a diluted solution for general washroom cleaning. The thick blue liquid contains safe sulphamic and citric acids to dissolve limescale and organics and remove grease, body oils and scum from surfaces. Ideal for cleaning toilets, urinals, showers and sinks.

STC is safe for use on stainless steel. Test in an inconspicuous area before use.

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STC Shower, Basin, Sink Cleaner & Lime

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