Leather Cleaning

At Art of Clean our technicians have been trained in every aspect of leather upholstery cleaning; from cleaning, refurbishing, to protecting your leather furniture. We offer a 4 step cleaning and protecting service which will keep your leather furniture looking as good as new.

Leather furniture can be a huge investment and we understand that having your leather sofa cleaned by professional sofa cleaning company is very important. We have built our cleaning business by offering a top quality service to all of our customers in and around the Cambridge area.

If you have any questions regarding leather cleaning please contact us on 01223 863 632.

What is the Art of Clean Leather sofa cleaning process?

Know the 4 step process to the cleanest, healthiest, leather furniture cleaning you have ever seen!

The clean and protect package is for those would like to preserve their good quality leather sofa. Light soils build up on the surface of the leather is removed by our specialist but gentle cleaning methods. Your sofa is then protected with the application of leather protector.

1. Full Leather Cleaning Audit

During our leather audit process, the following will be determined:
– type of leather
– level of soiling
– previous damage and repairs
– best cleaning method for ultimate results

2. Leather Cleaning

We proceed to clean the leather using a specialist leather cleaning solution. This step will remove any ingrained soil and grease from the leather. This involves gentle agitation into the grain of the leather which helps to achieve desired cleaning results.

3. Leather “Rinse”

After the initial cleaning process, we will remove last traces of emulsified soil and grease from the leather to prepare its surface for the Leather Finishing process.

4. Leather Finishing (Protection and Conditioning)

We proceed to apply a leather protection and conditioning agent to the leather.
This product helps maintain a proper moisture balance in your leather and resist the effect of daily soiling. It also ensures a long lasting supple feel.

Benefits of Leather Protect:
– Maintain a proper moisture level
– Act as a protective barrier to resist the effect of daily soiling
– Resist dry transfer
– Easier spot removal
– Has UV protective properties

Here are some quick ‘tips’ on how you can protect your leather sofa:

• Ensure you have your leather sofa protected before you use it, as this will stop it from staining and having to be refurbished within a few months of purchasing it. A majority of shops will sell leather sofas without them being protected first.

• To maintain your sofa never use any harsh cleaning products, including cleaning wipes, and never use bleach on your furniture. Simply clean every month with white cotton cloth and cold water and dry with a white dry cloth. Then every 18 months make sure you use a professional upholstery cleaner to clean your leather furniture.

• Avoid placing furniture in direct sun light, and in summer close your curtains mid-day, this will protect your sofa from drying out and discolouring..