So, you’re enjoying a house party, and everything is going well when a guest spills some wine on your lovely wool carpet or rug. Try to act as quickly and calmly as you can cause a fresh stain is much easier to clean up than an older stain.

You have two options you can either attempt to clean it up yourself or you can contact your nearest wool safe approved service provider. Try and soak up as much of the stain as you can before you apply any Wool Safe Approved spot remover. Before using any spot cleaner be sure to pre-test a small hidden area of the rug or carpet.

Try to dab the area using sideways action and not directly on the stain, always use a white cloth and wear rubber gloves. Never use any products that will leave a sticky residue like washing up liquid or other cleaning products, this will cause rapid soiling and can make the stained area look dirtier.

Try and only use small amounts of spot remover at a time, repeat if necessary. A couple of light applications are more effective than 1 drastic application. Do not over dampen the carpet.

Use solvents with care and ensure good ventilation. Always thoroughly rinse out water-based spotters with clean water.

You might decide to choose a professional Carpet Cleaning company to clean your Rugs or Carpet, Art of Clean can help. We offer a spot cleaning service and very reasonable maintenance plans. You can contact us on 01223 863632 or