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Problems that come with dirty Carpets

Keeping your Carpets Clean is a big job, but also very important for so many reasons. Carpets attract dirt and grease; this can come from anything from animals or even dirt brought in from outside. Once dirt or grease has got into the carpet and not cleaned can lead...

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Leaking radiator water on your Carpet

It is important to keep a check on your radiators during the winter months, we recently had a client contact us regarding a radiator leaking on their carpet.  The leak was near the flow valve, this can mean the seal is worn. The seals on radiators seals can become...

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Cleaning your Travertine Floor

Travertine Flooring looks so beautiful in your home, but it is so important to keep it cared for and clean or they could be ruined over time. A professional floor cleaning company like Art of Clean Cambridge is always the safer way to clean your lovely Travertine...

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Why is it a good idea to Seal your Grout Lines?

If you have a tiled floor, you're probably always getting annoyed with how grubby the grout can look and how easily it can get dirty. You feel like you can clean and scrub it every day but still does not look any better. ‘Help me’ you might say! Although it is not...

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Restoring your Kitchen Worktop

Is your wooden worktop looking stained, a bit used and worn out? It can completely change the look of your kitchen when your wooden worktop looks grey & old. Many clients who have a wooden kitchen worktop or even a wooden dining table are unaware that you can get...

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Why choose a Wool Carpet?

Many clients we clean Carpets for at Art Of Clean Cambridge come to us with many different issues; this is normally because they have a synthetic Carpet. These problems include dirty carpets, pile reversal, trodden down Carpet and dents in the Carpet made obvious when...

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