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Time to come together

Hi, Like me, your email inbox is probably overflowing with news on everything that is going on at the moment.  "Sigh!"How the world has shifted in such a short space of time. Still, I know like I know that while this situation is in many ways the worst of time, it...

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Terracotta Floor Cleaning Tips

You can greatly extend the life of your terracotta tile floors by following a few simple steps. The Terracotta surface should be protected with a quality terracotta tile sealer to help prevent staining and etching. Furniture legs should be protected with felt or...

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Cleaning your Carpet or Rug after a spill.

So, you’re enjoying a house party, and everything is going well when a guest spills some wine on your lovely wool carpet or rug. Try to act as quickly and calmly as you can cause a fresh stain is much easier to clean up than an older stain. You have two options you...

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What is Parquet Flooring?

We all love a pretty floor in our homes and Parquet flooring definitely fits this description. Parquet Flooring is small blocks of Wood placed in a geometric pattern to create a decorative floor covering. The word comes from an old French origin, thought to be a...

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Correct storage and Shipping of your rugs

So, you are moving home and getting all excited about the big move, but you can’t help thinking “how do I store my beautifully expensive rug away in storage?". The last thing you want to do is expose them to harm though very few people think of storing transporting or...

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