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Damage to your Rugs and Carpet can be caused by carpet Moths

How does Moth damage to your family Heirloom rug or carpet make you feel before Moths made a home in it? This Blog from Art of Clean in Cambridge will give you some simple steps to help you extinguish these little unwanted creatures, which are also known as case -...

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Phantom of Love Rolls-Royce

We all know that the NCCA is about supporting its members in running a successful carpet and upholstery cleaning business and that they are not primarily about finding work for members. However, with the new NCCA website, Trusted Local Cleaners, this is improving all...

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Rug Cleaning Training at Art of Clean in Cambridge

Equality in the workplace has become a big buzz word in the past few years. Here at Art of Clean, we have been looking for a female technician for several years now. We are so happy when we could welcome Tia to our team a few weeks ago. She joined the team intending...

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