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Can my Sheepskin Rug be cleaned?

We all love a fluffy soft Rug under our feet, they look amazing around the home and very on-trend right now, however, we often get asked the question ‘Can my Sheepskin Rug be cleaned?’. You can get two different types of sheepskin Rugs: A really good quality rug that...

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How can I remove soot from my Carpet?

Are you lucky enough to live in a house with a beautiful fireplace like I did when I was growing up? I remember watching the TV with my feet up on the fire guide, being told off by my Dad and never wanting to go to bed because it was the only form of heating in our...

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How is the shine restored in my stone floor?

Have you ever had to replace a broken stone floor tile and the new one you replace it with is not as shiny or matt as the rest of the tiles, this can really affect the look of the room. If your tiles are limestone, Travertine, or marble Art of Clean Cambridge can...

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Will I add value to your home if I restore my old Wood Floor?

You have just purchased your first home, pulled the old carpet back, and found a beautiful wood floor underneath. You now need to decide if you want to restore the old floor yourself or get a Professional Wood Floor Restoration Company to do the work. The big question...

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Water stains on your sofa

Removing stains from your sofa can be a tough one. Wine, fruit juice, coffee, and tea spilled on your sofa, all of which will leave stains on your Sofa and a lot of hard work to try and remove the stain, but there’s one stain that many people underestimate and think...

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