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Moth Prevention on my Carpet or Rug.

Have you started to notice balding areas on your Carpet or Rug? This is more than likely to be something called Carpet moths! Once you have these little blighters destroying your lovely carpet or Rug then it’s difficult to get rid of them so the best thing to do is...

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Brick floor cleaning Cambridge

We recently had a great influx of enquiries about brick floor cleaning in Cambridge and surrounding villages up to as far as Newmarket, Bury St Edmunds, Huntingdon, Royston and Saffron Walden. I, therefore, chose to write this article to help you get the information...

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How do I maintain my luxury vinyl?

It's important to maintain your Vinyl floor to ensure it lasts you a long time, maybe even a lifetime if you choose wisely. I mean everyone wants to get a long life out of anything they purchase, Right? There are many different brands of vinyl flooring and these...

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DIY stain removal on carpet and rug

DIY stain Removal – Things to avoid so you do not cause irreversible damage You have just arrived at home and found your pet had an accident on the carpet. Could not be at a worse time as you expect important guests tonight and the accident is right in the middle of...

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Reflective Staining / Dot and dab Staining on my Patio Slabs

Patios allow us to enjoy the outdoors at home much more. There is nothing better to spend a Saturday afternoon on the patio having a barbeque with friends and family around. When patios get first installed, they are lovely, and we can enjoy them. Over time dirt build...

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